Finding Work as a 20 something

Finding a job as a 20 something is not as easy as it once seem. Between the experience needed and the education required, it becomes nearly impossible to find the “dream job”. I almost envy older generations where work was easy and with hard work, you could become anyone you wanted.

The first job

We’ve all been there. The search for the first job. It starts full of hope and determination and ends up with sighs and eye rolls. I have gone through all of this. In 2014, I, 20 something, graduated from my master’s degree. On top of the world, and optimistic about the future, I was ready to make a change. There was no doubt that I was going to get a high paid job, work hard, and travel the world.

Little did I know that I was going to spend the next 8 months looking for my first job. Countless emails, interviews, and rejections (when I even received an answer at all). Finally, I got my first job. An account manager role – no formal education required.

20 something hard at work

So here I was. My first big girl job. And boy, I was in for a ride. I thought that hard work would pay off. Unfortunately, not in the company I worked for. It seemed like who you knew and who you be-friended was more important than commitment and hard work. After over a year, I was no closer to a career growth and no closer to making an impact on the world. But it didn’t matter because mass retrenchment was coming my way…

And here we go again…

It really felt like a vicious circle. Except now, I was in it with one (Wooo!) year working experience. But I found a decent freelance job with one of my old client. Motivated again, I started to work hard to try and impress. However, again, it wasn’t enough. I did not write as well as a pro content marketer. I was not as fast as a true SEO expert. I was not as techy as a developer. It seemed like no matter what I did it was never enough.

20 something lost in the working world

And finally, here I am. Jobless, purpose-less. Full of self-doubts and worries. Am I good enough? Will I ever get the dream job I was certain to get after graduation? Did studying even matter? Hopefully, one day, 30 something me will know the answer. At the moment though, it’s time to let go of the past and get back onto the job search again…



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